A thrilling strategic game now starts!

Defense Derby!

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Recruitment Period

Sept 1st, 2022 - Sept 14th, 2022

Pre-test Start Date

Sept 15th, 2022

This Pre-test is available only on AOS.

(Required) privacy collection and usage

agreement Details

(Required) Agree to receive game information


This Pre-test is available only on AOS (For IOS users,

you can participate in the next test)

The Pre-test application can only be submitted once

per e-mail

The URL for Pre-test participation will be sent via e-mail

on the starting day of Pre-test.

Galaxy S8 (Android 5.1) or a newer device is required

to play Defense Derby.

Collection of Personal Information

and Usage Agreement

RisingWings, Ltd., needs to collect the

information listed below for use in order to send

you details related to its games and events

as well as distribute winnings from giveaways.

  • Purporse of collecting and using your

    personal information

    to comminicate information pertaining to

    games, pre-registration, and event participation

  • Personal information to be collected

    phone number

  • Duration of possession and use of personal


    One year from collection date

    (background information is deleted after

    six months)

You may decline to consent to the collection and

use of your personal information. However,

keep in mind that by doing so, you will be unable

to participate in events.

By entrusting your personal information

(phone number) to Daou Technology Inc.,

youl allow RisingWings, Ltd. to send you details

related to its gaming events via SMS/LMS.

Information that is collected from you will be

deleted one year from the date of collection.

Any background or personal history is deleted

after six months

Pre-test Application


Thank you for participating.

The Pre-test related notice

will be sent via e-mail on the day.

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